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What's Happening?

Planning for the 2020-2021 season is underway!

 Everyone will need to realize there will be a lot of things that are out of our control with the up coming season and be patient with changes and possible cancellations.  MASKS ARE REQUIRED and ALL school COVID procedures must be followed.  All early practices are 6:15-7:15 and late practices are 7:30-8:30.

Fees and Tentative Schedule by GRADE

Boys Fees and Practice times:

Boys 4th fee: $30  Practice: Monday 6:15-7:15at OES *starts 12/7
Boys 5th fee: $75  Practice: Tuesday 6:15-7:15 at OIS and Thurs 7:30-8:30 at OES *starts 1/05
Boys 6th fee $75  Practice: Tuesday 7:30-8:30 at OES and Thurs 7:30-8:30 at OMS *starts 12/01
Boys 7th fee $100  Practice: Monday 6:15-7:15 at OMS and Tues 7:30-8:30 at OMS *starts 12/14
Boys 8th fee $100  Practice: Monday 7:30-8:30 OIS and Thurs 6:15-7:15 OIS *starts 1/04

We encourage all interested kids to participate in this program and do not want the fee to be a deterrent, If you need assistance with the fee please email the OYBB board at,

Girls Fees and Practice times: Registration is now closed for the Girls.

Girls 4th Grade fee: $30 Practice: Tues 6:15-7:15 (OES) Dec

Girls 5th Grade fee: $75 Practice: Mon 7:30-8:30 (OES) and Thurs 6:15-7:15 (OMS) November

Girls 6th Grade fee $100 Practice: Mon 7:30-8:30 (OMS) and Thurs 6:15-7:15(OES) November

Girls 7th Grade fee $100 Practice: Tues 6:15-7:15 (OMS) and Thurs 7:30-8:30 (OIS) starts mid Oct

Girls 8th Grade fee $100 Practice: Mon 6:16-7:15 (OIS) and Tues 7:30-8:30 (OIS) starts mid Oct

Practice times are tentative and subject to change due to gym availability.  Practice start dates for the upcoming season and any in season changes will be communicated by your coach.  Game/Meet information will also be provided by your coach but can also be referenced at

practice times are tentative and subject to change and cancellation due to gym availability. You will receive an email before the first week of practice with verified practice dates and times. Visit the website: for up to date information, to register.

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Osceola Basketball

Osceola Basketball is the conglomeration of Youth Boy's Basketball, Youth Girl's Basketball, High School Boy's Basketball, and High School Girl's Basketball.  We encourage you to become familiar with website as it holds information on practices, tournaments, coaches, drills and much more.


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Varsity Head Coaches

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Head Girl's Basketball Coach

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Head Boy's Basketball Coach

This site will continue to be built.  Please check back for updates.

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